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Bretley Hanson, Board Vice President - Position Number 5

Bretley (Bret) Hanson is a field examiner and auditor specializing in middle-market commercial and asset based financing.  He works for Bluewater Transaction Advisors mostly on the west coast giving lenders a critical and transparent assessment of the borrower. Bret’s experience in management, banking operations, and project processing allows him to quickly assess fluid environments and find solutions to complex problems.  He strives to achieve maximum clarity for lenders and increase efficiency for borrowers. Bret has earned both a BS in Marketing as well as Accounting from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.  He enjoys time with his wife and daughters, chocolate soufflés, and a good sense of humor.  On an off day he might go snow camping near Mt. Hood or take peaceful jog at night.  His love for the local community he has chosen to raise his family in goes hand and hand with the time and service he is willing to give to make the community better.