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Earthquake Seismic Gas Shutoff Valve

Gas Shutoff Valve

Earthquake shut-off valves, also referred to as seismic gas shut-off valves, work by regulating the flow of gas in case an earthquake happens. Companies offering plumbing services will often install them onto your meter directly.

These valves work with the help of motion sensor technology that detects seismic movements and automatically turns off gas flowing into your property. Because the valves work instantly, homeowners have far less to worry about once an earthquake happens in their area.

Gas leaks are typically undetectable and shutoff valves can give you peace of mind that your home remains safe even after a catastrophic event.

NW Natural can’t install, maintain, service or reset an earthquake shut-off valve. They recommend hiring a qualified, licensed contractor to install it on your houseline on your meter, not on the service line or within the “meter set assembly” installed and maintained by NW Natural.