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Jonathan Harrell, Board Director - Position Number 1

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Jonathan has served on our Lake Grove Fire District Board since July 2009. Jon is a long time resident of the area, and is an alumna of River Grove Elementary School, Waluga Junior High School, and Lakeridge High School. After a short time living away at college and in SE Portland, Jon returned to the Lake Grove area of Lake Oswego in 2006 where he is raising his two boys. He is a dedicated father and truly enjoys his home time with his family. He was elected to the Fire Board as a write-in candidate in May of 2009 and was re-elected in the general election in May of 2013. Jon's goals mirror those of the other board members and include: more public participation at Board meetings, safer buildings and construction, more governmental transparency including being fiscally responsible, better community emergency preparedness for natural disasters, and effective fire suppression and emergency response.